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IDeal Homes Real Estate Holdings Announces two New Hires

SAN DIEGO, January 19, 2021 – IDeal Homes Real Estate Holdings, a real estate investment company headquartered in Southern California, is proud to announce two key appointments to the organization. IDeal Homes’ new hires join a major real estate organization that brings together a team of key professionals with a common bond of meeting and […]

San Diego Housing Market Forecast for 2021 Looks Favorable, Despite COVID

San Diego Skyline

Recent data and forecasts for the San Diego, California real estate market suggest that it’s weathering the coronavirus pandemic just fine. Home prices and sales have both risen in recent months, despite the turmoil in other areas of the economy. Low inventory and steady demand are two of the key driving factors affecting San Diego’s […]

San Diego home building up slightly so far this year — even in a pandemic

San Diego County has built more housing in the first six months of this year than it did at the same time in 2019 — despite a months-long pandemic. The increase is marginal — just 64 more homes — but is notable because it is the only county in Southern California that did not build […]

Where Does The U.S. Housing Market Go From Here? Five Experts Share Predictions For The Rest Of 2020

Mortgage rates are searching for a historic bottom. Home prices are inching up toward record highs. Home shoppers are looking for deals. Homeowners are weighing selling versus refinancing. A lot is going on in the U.S. housing market on the backdrop of an even messier national state of affairs. After an unprecedented first half of […]

Find Reputable Home Buying Companies

Home Buying Companies

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably seen those ugly signs and billboards proclaiming “We Buy Homes for Cash!” that have sprouted up all over the country in the past ten years. And you’ve probably dismissed them as being irrelevant at best; and a scam at worst. They’re not. Home buying companies aren’t anything new. […]

Real Estate Investing During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to decimate how the United States lives everyday life.  During these past 4 months, problems continue to mount, and people toil with this new reality, and businesses struggle to adapt to this troubling environment.  Real estate investing has also felt the negative effects of this new normal, and as this pandemic […]

Summer Real Estate Market in California

 The COVID-19 pandemic has affected all facets of life throughout the country, and has caused us to redefine what we view as “normal” in our lives.  This is especially true in California, which many has viewed as a major hotspot of this pandemic in the United States.  There are many details on what experts believe to be […]

Tiana Nelson Joins IDeal Homes Real Estate Team’s Sales Team

Tiana Nelson has joined I-Deal Homes Real Estate Holdings sales team as Acquisition Sales Manager. She will focus on various real estate buyers and sellers throughout California, Oregon and Arizona, reporting directly to CEO Mike Corica. Nelson brings more than 4 years of consumer goods sales to IDeal Homes Real Estate working with major brands […]

IDeal Homes Real Estate Welcomes Christian Shaber

Christian Shaber

IDeal Homes Real Estate, a real estate investment company, is proud to welcome Christian Shaber as a Sales Acquisition Manager to its San Diego-based company. Shaber, will contribute to the IDeal Homes team in a number of ways including assessing needs, counselling clients appropriately and representing them on a variety of real estate matters. Prior […]